Why Not Eliminate Some Useless Accessories in The Car?

In any new car, there is a cigarette lighter, spare tire, and tools. But now all people advocate to quit smoking, so can the cigarette lighter be eliminated as an option? Now most of the vehicles are driving in the city, mobile tire repair can be found everywhere, why not cancel the spare tire and tools?

Take a cigarette lighter as an example for a car. If you sell a car to a customer, you have to differentiate whether to install a cigarette lighter according to whether the customer smokes or not, so the extra process of adding and deleting a demand survey may cost more than a cigarette lighter, and you may even need to redevelop the mold of the center console, which is more than worth the cost.

In fact, even if you don’t smoke, you won’t find the cigarette lighter to be an obstacle. Thus, we get the first conclusion: out of consideration for the cost of scale, perhaps manufacturers are not willing to make multiple solutions in too many details. In addition, from the car dealer’s point of view. After all, some users will smoke, some users do not smoke, in addition to smoking accidents may also have more detailed customer requirements. If we follow the full detail customization process, a whole car from order to delivery may take several months or even years (refer to Porsche), which is bad for user experience. If both cars (with or without cigarette lighter) are purchased into inventory, then at the time of sale it could result in one type of car being sold out while the other is still in stock.

From the consumer’s point of view, do you think the manufacturer will give you a price reduction because of the removal of the cigarette lighter? If you were a consumer, would you choose a car with a cigarette lighter or a car without one? This question is put under a large sample, it is estimated that the car without cigarette lighter is almost unsold.

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