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DIY repair on road

Leaking tires aren’t difficult to fix while on the road. All it takes is a little self determination, a comfortable spot to do it, the right tools and materials, and a frame of mind that recognizes this type of repair is long term, but temporary in nature. You’ll need a plug repair kit that comes with an insert tool and fibrous plugs. A reaming tool and rubber cement are also handy, but not necessary. Here’s how to do it when [...]

Move easy with a tubeless motorcycle tire repair kit

Driving a motorcycle is a passion for many of us. But in order to enjoy the unique feeling that riding a motorcycle provides, it’s important to keep your motorcycle in good condition. If you own a bike it is important to get information about the technical functioning of it. Just as important as knowing rules and the safe ways to ride a motorcycle, it is to check it and maintain it in order. It’s a good idea to learn how [...]

Essential tire repair tools

There are many things that you have to take care of in your automobile. One of the most important among those is the tire of your car. This is because your tire is one component that is subjected to maximum wear and tear in your car. You should make sure that you always maintain your tire in top condition so that there are no problems with your tire. Your faulty tire can cause you to have accidents in the [...]

Repair the tire yourself

Tire repair, nowadays, does not need to be done by the motorists themselves. There are a lot of tire repair shops in every locale you would be driving to; besides, there is always that good old spare tire available in the trunk of the car or in the undercarriage of the truck you’re driving. But come to think of it, there are times that you may pass through a remote area that does not have any repair establishments nor [...]

A new way for tire repair

When you are talking to a friend about flat tires, do you often bring up the phrase “spare tire”? The majority of people do and it is often because they’re not educated on the new way to fix tires. What is the new way?   It is called a tire sealant and it works better than any old spare tire. How so? Well, the best part, for many folks, is that the tire sealant doesn’t call for you to pull over [...]

Use A Tire Sealant To Save Puncture Tires

When you have a motor car, you always try to take care of it as much as possible. You change the oil frequently, protect the paint from scratched up, make sure it’s ready for the coming winter, get new tires changed, etc. All of these cost you money…and sometimes, much money. For the tires, you may come across some problems after you get new tires: it may get punctured by nail. You have to spend in upwards of $50 for [...]

Tire and Rim Protections

Once you get your new hot wheels you need to know how to care for them. For rim and tire protection, please read below points. When installing your new wheels, you should use a torque wrench so your lugs are properly tightened per the required of the standard specifications. If not tightened enough, it may cause wobbling or vibrations of the wheel. You should also have your vehicle re-aligned after the installation. These are important in the protection of rim [...]

Ways to Fix and Prevent a Flat Tire on Your ATV

Everyone knows that a flat tire can ruin the day. Most ATV lovers can tell you that it has happened to them or to a member of their party. Knowing how to repair a flat tire on your ATV can get you out of a bad situation and knowing how to prevent one is even better. The main cause of a flat tire is foreign objects, an inexperienced driver and improper use or care of the tire. You’d better carry [...]

Use Puncture Prevention Tire Sealant For Your Motorcycle Tires

A motorcycle rider doesn’t have the same safety luxury as seen with a car, truck or van. There’s no outside metal protecting them from another vehicle. When a motorcycle tire blows out, the rider must hang on for dear life and hope that he/she can get over without running into other vehicles or flipping over. This is where a puncture prevention product such as a tire sealant comes in handy. How can a tire sealant protect a bike rider from [...]

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