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Take Care of Your Tire Pressure

What’s the point of investing in all those flashy accessories and chrome if they end up scattered on the road after a tire blowout? Not to mention the potential danger of road rash or worse. Tires are the most crucial safety component of your bike, yet many riders neglect them, try to cut costs, or overlook important factors. Tires bear the weight of the vehicle, absorb road shocks, transmit traction and braking forces, and ensure control over steering, stopping, [...]

What can you do with tire sealant

What can you do with tire sealant? As a motorcycle rider, I was always concerned about tire maintenance and the possibility of getting a flat tire miles away from home. Despite buying a tire repair kit and a can of tire inflator, I knew a flat tire could still be an inconvenience and even dangerous. However, I came across a product called Careway puncture tire sealant on a motorcycle forum that promised to eliminate up to 85-95% of flat tires. [...]

Preventing a Catastrophic Tyre Event with Tyre Sealants

Preventing a Catastrophic Tyre Event with Tyre Sealants When was the last time you experienced a flat tire while driving? Did you pull over and start fumbling with a spare tire in a potentially dangerous location? If so, you’re not alone. Many drivers still rely on the traditional method of changing a tire with a spare, but this can be time-consuming and dangerous. Fortunately, there is a new way to fix tires that is safer, quicker, and more convenient: tyre sealants. [...]

The Benefits You’ll Get by Using Tire Sealant

The Benefits You’ll Get by Using Tire Sealant Punctured tires are a common problem that can be frustrating and costly for car owners. When a tire is punctured, the cost of replacing it can be upwards of $100, which can add up quickly if it happens frequently. However, there is a solution to this problem that can save car owners a lot of money in the long run: tire puncture sealant. Tire puncture sealant is a product that can be used [...]

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