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Use Puncture Guard Tyre Sealant To Continue A Good Driving Day

Use A Puncture Guard Tyre Sealant To Continue Having A Good Driving Day It’s a beautiful day out and you decide that you want to go driving. Everything looks in order with your car; you check the oil and tyres and proceed to get out of the house to enjoy the day. You don’t worry about anything going wrong and why should you? Yet, as you drive, you suddenly feel your tyre go flat and the car leaning to one [...]

Can The Nail on The Side of The Tire Be Repaired?

 Can The Nail on The Side of The Tire Be Repaired? Tires punctured are something that most car owners will encounter. In most cases, low-cost tire repairs can solve the problem. However, there are some situations where we do not recommend repairing the tires, but should replace the tires directly-that is, the side nails. To explain this clearly, we cut the tire. It can be seen that there are only some curtains on the sidewall of the tire and it [...]

How Many Years Does A Tire Can Be Used?

How Many Years Does A Tire Can Be Used? Regarding the service life of tires, some car owners care very much, but some car owners disagree. I have seen a Buick Excelle tire that has been used for 8 years. It is full of cracks and deep cracks. It looks like it is about to blow out, but the owner still does not replace it and continues to use it. Some car owners are just the opposite. The tires are [...]

Is puncture proof tire sealant harm to tires?

Not at all. The puncture proof tire sealant has a strong tire repair ability, it can fill holes up to 6mm for all tubeless tires. Automatic tire repair liquid: automatic tire repair, easy to install, just a few seconds needed to sealing the punctures, long lasting effect by adding one time, even the vehicle is  driving, you no need to stop for puncture repair,  automatically fixed tires, completely changed the traditional way of manual tire repair. It has a strong tire [...]

How does the puncture proof work?

How does puncture proof work when your tire got a puncture? When your tire experiences a puncture, the sealer will move quickly to the hole to create a seal so that it does not lose any air while you drive. If it’s a big hole(bigger than 10mm dia), the liquid tire sealant will make sure that the air escapes slowly so that you can control the vehicle and move safely to the roadside so you can change the tire. The [...]

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