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When You Have A Puncture Tire , What Do You Do?

CAREWAY REPAIR KIT is not a burden by any means, as something as simple as a patch kit or lubricant can make all the difference in the world within unfortunate circumstances. You don’t need more than a basic repair kit to get yourself up and running in no time, as even the most basic of repair kits will generally include rubber patches, a tube of rubber cement glue, a scraper for removing debris, and a pump to inflate your tire [...]

Use A Tire Sealant To Save Puncture Tires

When you have a motor car, you always try to take care of it as much as possible. You change the oil frequently, protect the paint from scratched up, make sure it’s ready for the coming winter, get new tires changed, etc. All of these cost you money…and sometimes, much money. For the tires, you may come across some problems after you get new tires: it may get punctured by nail. You have to spend in upwards of $50 for [...]

Use Puncture Prevention Tire Sealant For Your Motorcycle Tires

A motorcycle rider doesn’t have the same safety luxury as seen with a car, truck or van. There’s no outside metal protecting them from another vehicle. When a motorcycle tire blows out, the rider must hang on for dear life and hope that he/she can get over without running into other vehicles or flipping over. This is where a puncture prevention product such as a tire sealant comes in handy. How can a tire sealant protect a bike rider from [...]

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