Tire plug, repair kit, can inflator, ways for tire repair

Any professional repair shop will not merely use a plug because they feel it has the potential to separate from the tire due to heat expansion and centrifugal force. Heat expansion comes from rotational speed. The faster you drive, the hotter the rubber will become and the plug may separate at this faster speed.

Plugs and Patches

Proper repair requires the item to be taken off the rim, and a glue-like substance is used in conjunction with a rubber patch and a plug. Today these patch/plug combinations come as a one-piece unit. Once the repair is finished and a small amount of time has passed, it is then inflated and mounted back on your vehicle.

The main reason your tires are taken off the rim is to check for interior, hidden damage. Any repair professional worth his or her salt will always perform the job in this manner.


There are quite a few companies that sell repair kits in different sizes. You can buy everything from a pack of rubber plugs or patches to top-of-the-line pro tire repair kits. Some kits come with an aerosol can and others include an injectable sealant. These do-it-yourself kits include instructions and are simple to use even for those who have never repaired a tire before.

Remember, tire plugging should only be used in an emergency situation for a close range trip to the nearest repair shop.

In the end, it is always best to have your tire repair performed by a professional who takes the time to make certain the repair is completed in the appropriate manner. Contact your local tire repair shop today for any assistance.

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