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Doors and windows decorations in Chinese new year

The Chinese (Lunar) New Year will fall on February 15 in the year 2018. It will be the year of the Dog as well. How do the Chinese prepare for this huge holiday, their biggest, most important holiday of the year? Cleaning, cooking, shopping, and decorating the house are their main preparations. The two main things people will use to decorate their house (after they have thoroughly cleaned it, of course) is to hang up Chun Lian outside of their [...]

Learn more about the Chinese New Year

The Chinese people have always been noted for their unique traditions, and grand festivals. Chinese New Year is the most important of all the holiday traditions in China. Millions of Chinese families around the country celebrate it every year. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is no doubt the biggest holiday of the year for Chinese people. The date varies every year with the celebration lasting 2 weeks. For centuries, Chinese New Year has been surrounded by [...]

Something you should know about the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, called also spring festival, is the most significant of all the Chinese holidays. Chinese people from all over the world unite together in their tradition as they spend 15-day celebration with their New Years. There are lots of feasts, decorations, and interesting symbolism that relates to the history of the holiday and their desire for good luck. Here are some facts about the Chinese New Year we should know about. The Chinese New Year can change date [...]

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