The Right Way To Fix Tire With Plugger Repair Kit

If you are on the road or outside of normal business hours and your vehicle has a flat and the spare is missing or no good, you might feel stranded, but there is an option – Tire Repair Kits.


If you dont have tire sealant that time, the other solution is a tire Repair kit.Made from cork and a gooey adhesive that keeps it place and seals the tire, a tire tire plug repair is an excellent way to get your car back on the road until you can get to a tire shop for an internal patch.


Installing a plug in your tire works for pierced tread area only.You cannot fix sidewall damage or compression breaks (from potholes, gravel roads or curbing).The most common road hazards you will find are nails and screws. Fixing these issues are perfect for the good old fashioned CAREWAY tire repair Kit/ tire plug.


Now let’s get start it:

Step① Locate the puncture. If you don’t see or hear the puncture, spray some soapy water on the tire and look for bubbles.

Step② Remove the nails or screws,sometimes the nail or screw is worn down, making it hard to get a bite on it. This is where the side-cutters come in really handy. You will want to position the tire where you get the most leverage.

Step③ Insert the reamer. This will take some effort, as you have to push it through the steel belts. Use a twisting motion and push it into the tire. Once the reamer is through, saw it in and out of the tire a few times to really make a nice hole for the plug. it is necessary.

Step④ Prep the plug and installer. Pull a plug off the strip and push it through the eyelet of the installer tool. The pliers will make this easier. Push a little through, grab it with the pliers and pull the plug halfway through the eyelet.

Step⑤ Insert the plug into the tire. If the kit has liquid cement, apply some to the plug before inserting it into the tire. Simply push the installer into the hole in the tire until the plug is about 3/4 of the way in. Twist the installer tool 90-degrees and pull it out. The plug will stay in the tire and the tool will come out nice and easy. You may trim away the excess plug, or leave it to wear away as you drive.

Step⑥ Fill the tire to the proper PSI. If you have a portable air compressor, this will make things easy, but if you do not, you need to get air very soon.

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