Liquid Tire Sealant

Liquid Tire Sealant

Tire Sealant is mainly composed of rubber particles and fiber reinforced high molecular material glue, which will form a soft rubber film after drying. When filling the tire with puncture proof tire sealant, it can quickly and automatically fill the tire, and it can cycle and automatically fill the tire for many times. It can also prevent air leakage at ordinary times and effectively ensure driving safety.

The principle of tire repair is that when the tire punctures and leaks, the tire repair fluid containing fiber and rubber particles will be discharged out immediately, and the puncture will be blocked quickly. When in contact with the air, the tire sealant will automatically generate a certain plastic, elastic and strong polymer, and quickly fuse with the puncture, to repair the tire.

Many people always worry about the corrosion caused by tire sealant to the wheel hub. In fact, there is little need to worry about this problem. In the sealed tire, there is no air circulation, and self-hydration will hardly cause corrosion damage to the wheel hub. In general, the repairing with tire sealant is the most popular way to repair small cars, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, it’s also the first choice of tire repair, can be used in both inner tube tires and tubeless tires. Because the repair tire is convenient and fast, and also more affordable.

  • puncture testing

    How We Made Test for The Puncture Proof Sealant?

    Careway tire sealant has been approved by the market for years for its extra advantages.

    1. Seal the tubeless tire puncture as big as 10mm.
    2. Help to cooling of heated tires.
    3. Harmless to rims and tires, anti-rust, extend tire service life.
    4. Stop slow air leakage, make sure the tire pressure is constant.
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    China Supppier Wholeseller Manufacturer of Fix a Flat Tire Puncture Repair Liquid

    Fix a flat sealant for tubeless tires, save tires from puncture, the liquid sealant will repair holes automaticly, be fixed in a few seconds. You even no aware of the tire was flatted during your driving. Safe for human and evironment.

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    No Tube Sealant Puncture Liquid for Tubeless Tire Automatic Repair

    No tube sealant puncture liquid is for tubeless tire automatic repaired, add a bottle to tire, then protect tires for its lifetime. No need to worry about puncture during your drving.

  • Puncture Proof Liquid Tyre Sealant Flat Prevention Factory Made In China

    Quickly repair tire holes within 6mm, long time protetion, no need to repair tire againt during the application. Water based produt, easy to clean up with water, harmless to tires and hurman body. Save troubles from your daily driving.

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    360ml Tire Puncture Repair Sealant

    Careway tire sealant prevents and repairs flat tires caused by puncturing objects up to 5mm in diameter. It works repeatedly to repair new and existing punctures and is guaranteed to perform for up to 12 months. Careway tire sealant seals multiple punctures repeatedly, and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and also water soluble. This sealants are designed to treat tread area punctures only and should not be used to repair sidewall punctures.

  • puncture proof tire sealant

    500ml Tire Leakage Proof Sealant

    1. First choice of drivers and riders for tubeless conversion and flat prevention.
    2. Seals punctures up to 6mm quickly.
    3. Stays liquid 10-12 months for long-lasting performance.
    4. Natural materials, safe for the environment.

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