Quick fix for a puncture tire

The kit I bring with me is from Genuine Innovations, the set includes tire repair sticky plugs, with installation tools for tubeless tires, patches, and adhesive for inner tubes, a couple of 45 gm CO2 cartridges, an air chuck, together with a bag. The pack is sufficiently small to fit within your coat and yes it really finishes the task quickly and relatively easy.

The kit comes with the essentials for both tubeless and tube wheels. The screw appeared to be quite a challenge with this tire repair kit. After all was said and done, it was not so simple.

It took a tug of war to take out the screw that left itself from the exterior of the tire, nevertheless it eventually came out with several yanks using a pair of Vise-Grip pliers. After the screw was taken out, the blow hole appeared bad. This is how our roadside wheel repair kit will undoubtedly be put to the test.

The specially formulated bike tire plug was placed on the insertion tool and the 2 ends were held together by its own adhesive properties. The tool was then inserted in the opening of the wheel. After we moved it around to be sure the plug was in the hole of the bike’s front tire, the tool was removed, leaving the plug in the tire.

The Monster Chuck was attached on the CO2 container up until the seal was punctured allowing the air to flow. The valve body of the Monster Chuck ended up being hard pressed up against the Schrader valve and the tire was inflated. With the tire filled with air and holding air, the remnants of the tire plug were snipped off with a pair of wire cutters.

It can also be dangerous when you get a flat tire while speeding your way through the motorway. You must have your protective equipment just like helmets and your helpful tire repair kit.

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