What If Used Different Bands For Front And Rear Tires?

Theoretically, there are several effects if the tires are used different brands for front and rear. Because of the different brands, the advantages and disadvantages focus on different points, such as Goodyear, Pirelli, are basically on the wear-resistant, its rubber is harder for the general tire, sacrificing quiet effect in exchange for ultra-long mileage. And Michelin is silent, sacrificing wear resistance for great comfort and silence. If the front and rear are fitted with Michelin and Pirelli respectively, then because of the softness and hardness of the rubber in the front and rear wheels, it will lead to a great degree of decay in driving feel, comfort and safety.

From a realistic point of view, unless some professional racers, professional vehicles, and veterans who have been playing with cars for a long time, it is very difficult to feel the difference between the front and rear tires. To be honest, it’s not uncommon to see people who can’t even feel the front wheels are out of air! The requirements of private cars are not that high, as can be seen from the spare tire, eighty percent of private car spare tires are not full size, and even some spare tires are the same as motorcycle tires.

So my advice to owners of non-professional private cars is that it doesn’t matter if the front and rear tires are mounted with different brands, but the import point is that the two front wheels must be the same and the two rear wheels must be the same! Of course, the most ideal state or four tires are the same!

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