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What’s your experience when getting a flat tire and no spare tire?

Most of the chain or franchised tire stores will tell you that plugging tires is not safe or a permanite repair. This is simply not true and just a way to dig a little deeper in you billfold. I have been plugging tires for years without any issue, as long as it is a punctured and not cut and in the tread not the sidewalk. I strongly recommend going online and purchasing a TIRE REPAIR SEAL KIT (pic below). [...]

When You Have A Puncture Tire , What Do You Do?

CAREWAY REPAIR KIT is not a burden by any means, as something as simple as a patch kit or lubricant can make all the difference in the world within unfortunate circumstances. You don’t need more than a basic repair kit to get yourself up and running in no time, as even the most basic of repair kits will generally include rubber patches, a tube of rubber cement glue, a scraper for removing debris, and a pump to inflate your tire [...]

The Right Way To Fix Tire With Plugger Repair Kit

If you are on the road or outside of normal business hours and your vehicle has a flat and the spare is missing or no good, you might feel stranded, but there is an option – Tire Repair Kits.   If you dont have tire sealant that time, the other solution is a tire Repair kit.Made from cork and a gooey adhesive that keeps it place and seals the tire, a tire tire plug repair is an excellent way to get [...]

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