Replacement Of Spare Tire

Nowadays, it’s more and more brand new cars are sold without equipment a full-size spare tire. That’s replaced by a repair kit or tire sealant(aerosol tire inflator).

It’s not that the auto manufacturers are cheap to reduce the cost. To improve fuel economy, most car makers, are removing spare tires to reduce weight in the vehicle. Using a set of tire repair kit or even tire sealant system to save up around 100 pounds.

The auto-makers are eke out every single kilometer per liter that they can. Such design can be save cost as well as increase the trunk space. According to a research, in 2006, more than half of all new cars sold inAmericacame with full-size spares in the trunk. By 2011, that had dropped to less than 30.5%. Only 22.3% of new cars sold in 2016 came with such equipped.

The real situation is that, very few people with spare tires ever use them, even it’s equipped with them in the trunk. Some will use tire repair kits, some may use tire sealant system, but most will call for assistance, especially for ladies and elder people. Less than 50% of drivers can change a puncture tire. Due to they don’t know or they don’t have the physical strength to get the spare out of the trunk, loosen the nuts, jack up the car and finally remove the flat tire.

The aerosol tire inflator solution is simple to operating, threading the hose onto the flat tire’s valve stem, press the top button and wait  1 minute for the puncture to seal.

The fix a flat system(aerosol tire inflator), it provides only a temporary repair to getting you to the replacement shop, it’s not considered a permanent fix.

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