How to patch a flat bicycle tire?

Patching up bike tire is the first thing you can do if you do not have a spare tire at the ready. Most bike enthusiasts recommend that you replace the tire as soon as you can as your first aid measures can only get you as far.

Here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1: Flip the bicycle upside down until it is resting on its handlebars and the tire is facing you. Give the tire a little spin to loosen up debris that has attached to the tire. Inspect for any small stones lodged precariously on the tire.

Step 2: Closely look for minor cuts on the outside of the tire. If you see any, get super glue or a store-bought sealant to seal the holes no matter how small they are. Scrape the excess so it is even with the rest of the tire. Wait for it to dry up.

Step 3: If the edges are warped, tighten the spokes on the areas that are not affected and loosen the spokes on the areas that are warped. Give the tire a little spin until the spokes settle and the warped areas go back to their original shape. If there are still warped areas, loosen more spokes until it returns to normal.

Step 4: Inspect the inside of the tire. Remove the wheel from the bicycle by removing the bolts that secures the tire. Place the tire on a sturdy working area. Get a screwdriver and pry one side of the tire loose and away from the tire rim. Work your way until all of one side is exposed and you can see the inside of the tire.

Step 5: Feel for any indentations, cuts and other what-nots inside the tire. Make sure the inner tube is still intact. If there are cuts, you can also apply sealant on the affected area and let it dry completely. Afterwards, tuck the sides of the tire in the rim again and place the wheel back on the bicycle.

Inspect your bike right after using it so you will immediately know if there are any problems with the tire. You can mend it now but try to replace it as soon as possible if you want optimum bike performance.

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