With So Many Car Tire Brands, How to Choose?

With So Many Car Tire Brands, How to Choose?

1. Michelin tires

The first one I considered was the Michelin tire, which we called the “Fatty”. It originated in France and can be said to be the global tire leader and the inventor of radial tires. Michelin belongs to the category of comfortable tires. The raw material is soft rubber, which is second to none in terms of noise reduction. However, the tires are thin and wear-resistant.

2. Bridgestone tires

Bridgestone tires come from Japan. Just like Japanese cars, they don’t have any distinctive features. The price ratio is relatively balanced, comfort is good, economy is good, and the sporty type is so-so. Generally, there are more original Japanese cars. I can’t help but think of a classic line in a film and television series: understand everything a little, the world is better.

3. Goodyear tires

Goodyear tires are typical American products. They are mainly wear-resistant and durable. The tires have deep grooves, and there are many black technologies in the invisible places, such as high-carbon molecular linkage structures. This makes Goodyear tires not only is it more wear-resistant, but it also takes into account the comfort, but it also causes a lot of noise, easy to wear, and the price is higher.

4. Pirelli tires

Pirelli is from Italy and is as famous as Ferrari. Pirelli also has a good tread life, just like its name. Not only that, but its grip is also very strong, especially when driving into a corner. But because of this, tire noise is also very loud.

5. Continental tires

Continental tires originated from Germany, and the main features come from its manipulate and dry and wet braking capabilities. The friction and grip on dry and wet roads are impressive, just like suckers on the soles of geckos. However, Continental also has an obvious disadvantage, that is, the wear resistance is average, so the tread life is shorter.

6. Chaoyang Tire

Finally, let’s talk about a Chinese brand: Chaoyang tires. Domestic tires have a unique advantage in adapting to Chinese road conditions. In terms of performance and quality, the gap with foreign brands is indeed getting smaller and smaller. There may still be a slight gap in performance, but there is basically no problem in use, and the price is relatively low. It is also cheaper and cost-effective.

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