How Many Years Does A Tire Can Be Used?

How Many Years Does A Tire Can Be Used?

Regarding the service life of tires, some car owners care very much, but some car owners disagree. I have seen a Buick Excelle tire that has been used for 8 years. It is full of cracks and deep cracks. It looks like it is about to blow out, but the owner still does not replace it and continues to use it. Some car owners are just the opposite. The tires are replaced as soon as they reach the end of their lifespan. Even some tires seem to last for a while, and they will be replaced when they are ready to run at high speeds. In particular, some car owners who have experienced a flat tire are more concerned about the life of their tires. So how long is the life of the tire? How many years is most appropriate? It does not waste money, but also guarantees safety.

Because each vehicle has different driving conditions, different storage locations, and different tire life. Often walking on uneven roads, parking in the open without a garage, especially after the summer sun exposure, the tire life will be shorter. If you take the urban pavement road, there are also garages for parking, and the tire life will be longer. How long your tires can be used should be checked and the actual performance of the tires shall prevail. Mainly check three aspects, tire wear, tire aging, tire injury.

Let’s look at them one by one. The degree of wear is the easiest to see. There are several bumps in the deepest groove in the middle of each tire. When the tire is worn to be flush with the bulge, it means that it has worn to the limit and needs to be replaced immediately. To wear to the limit, it generally needs to travel about 100,000 kilometers. Second, look at the aging of the tire. The degree of aging of the tire mainly depends on the number of cracks. The cracks appear first on the side near the wheel hub, which are generally relatively small. Then small cracks began to appear on the front side. When the cracks increase and become longer, the service life will be reached when the cracks increase, and it should be replaced immediately. It takes certain experience to judge the life of the tire by looking at the cracks, and the novice may judge it incorrectly. There is a reference period. If the car is parked in the open air every day, it will last up to about 5 years, and some will have a moderate to high aging degree. It is recommended to replace it. If the car is parked in the garage every day, the tire life will be extended, about 6 years, after 6 years, even if there are not many cracks, it is best to replace it.

For most vehicles, a tire is basically used for 5-6 years, and it is more appropriate to replace it with a kilometer of 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers. It will not cause danger due to the end of its life, and it will not waste money if it is replaced too early. It should be noted that the first-comer is the first one. The age is up and the aging is serious. Even if the number of kilometers is small, it needs to be replaced.

If the tire has quality problems, such as bulging and peeling, tire rubber falling off, etc., it must be replaced in time. You can apply for a free replacement at a 4S shop during the warranty period. If the tire is injured, it is usually punctured or split. It depends on the length and depth of the wound to decide whether to replace it. Generally, the cord leaking from the side must be replaced. The front of the tire is cut, and the depth does not exceed the depth of the tire tread. It does not need to be replaced. If the depth of the tire tread is exceeded, it is also recommended to replace the tire.

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