The essential tools for bike repair kits

What does it take exactly to repair a flat bicycle tire? You should have a repair kit that is handy at all times. This repair kit is specialized for repairing your flat or punctured tires. The cost of repairing with this repair kit is definitely much cheaper than buying an aerosol can that might not work.

Get at least 2 tubes

Are these tubes the same type? The answer is no. There are two types of tire valves in the market currently used on all bikes. These are called the ‘presta’ and ‘shrader’ valves. The ‘presta’ or French valve is much smaller and thinner. Meanwhile, the ‘shrader’ valve looks like a car tire valve, which is bigger.

With two different valves, you should always prepare for two different tubes for these two valves.

Levers for your tires

This is like the beer bottle opener for your bike. The only difference is that it is used for detaching your tires from the wheel. But sometimes, tire levers are known to break.

When your go shopping for one (tire lever), you will find them to be sold in sets. It is recommended that you purchase them in threes.

Bicycle pump

This is not an ordinary pump. You should get a bike pump that can be attached to your bike. It is the frame pump, as many others may call it. Usually, it only weighs less than a pound. Being very light, it is a life saver for you on the road.

But keep in mind that it takes much more effort to pump a flat tire with one of these frame pumps. Still, it is a miniature and portable pump.

Bicycle patch repair kit

If you do not want to replace your tubes yet, then you should patch the holes. Patching serves as a backup in case your tire goes flat again later on. Only then you can unleash the new tube for replacement.

‘Presta’ valve adapter

It really does not weight anything. It weighs even less than the frame pump. Being so light, it is no excuse not to carry one with you. It can be handy to repair your friend’s flat tire which used different valves.

Carbon dioxide cartridge inflator

Sometimes, you just do not have the time to fix a flat tire yourself like a mechanic somewhere along the highway. This is especially true during cycling competitions. But it takes practice to use them properly. With experience, a quick fix with an inflator like this can be done in minutes.

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