Is puncture proof tire sealant harm to tires?

Not at all. The puncture proof tire sealant has a strong tire repair ability, it can fill holes up to 6mm for all tubeless tires.
Automatic tire repair liquid:
automatic tire repair, easy to install, just a few seconds needed to sealing the punctures, long lasting effect by adding one time, even the vehicle is  driving, you no need to stop for puncture repair,  automatically fixed tires, completely changed the traditional way of manual tire repair. It has a strong tire reairing ability and can fill holes as large as 6mm.  After injecting the tire, it will remain liquid for a long time, will not freeze at 30 °C, will not decompose to 100 °C; it doesn’t corrode rims and safe for rubber, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-polluting.
How does it works :
Pre-injecting the liquid that contains the special material and particles into the tire according to a certain amount, if the tire was flat, it will be blocked automatically; When a hole appears, the air that escapes from the hole will vent the liquid with the glue together. The sealant that squeezed into the holes then tightly blocked holes and the tire is no longer leaked. Maintain sufficient pressure inside the tire to allow the vehicle to continue driving and prevent possible accidents.

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