How does the puncture proof work?

How does puncture proof work when your tire got a puncture? When your tire experiences a puncture, the sealer will move quickly to the hole to create a seal so that it does not lose any air while you drive. If it’s a big hole(bigger than 10mm dia), the liquid tire sealant will make sure that the air escapes slowly so that you can control the vehicle and move safely to the roadside so you can change the tire.
The costs for these products will depend on what you’re looking for and what size you want. No matter what size or product you get, it will still be far less than what you pay for a brand new tire or a repair job at a tire garage.
This is when you need to find a tire puncture repair method that will allow you to use the same tire and still feel safe. Just use it to keep you on the road again!

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