Advantages of Tubeless Tires

Good safety: Inner tube tires in the vehicle, due to friction between the inner tube and outer tire, will generate a lot of heat, and heat dissipation is not sufficient, easy to cause a blowout. Tubeless tires has no friction between the inner and outer tires, heat can be dissipation directly through the rim, can greatly reduce the chances of blowout.

In addition, tube tires leak quickly after being punctured, while tubeless tires leak slowly after being punctured due to a layer of airtight layer made of a special butyl rubber compound. In addition, tubeless tires have an additional layer of 2 to 3mm thick rubber sealing layer on the outside of the bead specifically for sealing air, greatly improving safety.

Good economy: tubeless tires without inner tube, great structure, light tire mass, rolling resistance is small. The test shows that the rolling resistance of tubeless tires is reduced by 10%, which can save 2% to 3% of fuel. Tubeless tires have a more uniform ground pressure and even tire wear, thus extending the service life of tires.

Good environmental protection: tubeless tires have a large grounding area and uniform pressure, which can reduce the damage of tires on the ground; the rolling resistance is low, which can reduce the exhaust emissions of vehicles. Tubeless tires do not need inner tubes and cushion belts, which reduces the consumption of production and transportation resources. The long service life of tubeless tires reduces the environmental pollution caused by a large number of discarded and disposed tires.

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