How to Maintaince Tires in Winter?

How to Maintaince Tires in Winter?

1. Keep tires clean

Before travel out, check whether the tires tread grooves are clean and free of foreign objects, if found stones, nails and other foreign objects, must be promptly cleaned. If the grooves covered with ice, remember not to use tools to forcibly remove, but should be poured on the surface of the tire with room temperature water, and wait for the ice to melt.

2. Ensure the proper tire pressure in winter

The temperature in most areas is quite low in winter, so pay extra attention when parking. Do not park in areas with wet water and potholes, to avoid the water in them does not freeze the tires and affect the service life of the tires. Remember to ensure the correct tire pressure. Tire pressure affects the safety of the vehicle driving, and also increase the fuel consumption. Because of the winter temperature difference between day and night, and the driving process of thermal expansion and contraction affect tire pressure, therefore, tire pressure needs to be higher than the summer.

3. Control the car driving speed in the cold winter

If the car is parked and restarted, you must drive at a lower speed for a period of time after starting, in order to drive at ordinary speed. Of course, the most important thing to drive safely in winter is to control the driving speed. Especially when driving on the highway, do not accelerate sharply and brake sharply, so as to avoid traffic accidents.

4. Pay attention to the tire wear markers

New tires and old tires have a big difference in traction and grip. Those tires that are worn deeply, even if they are winter tires, will not be able to work on icy and snowy roads. Therefore, tires should be replaced in time according to the wear and tear. All tires have a wear mark at 1.6 mm of tread depth, and where there is a wear mark there is a small tab, which is called a “tread wear mark”, and next to the tab is the abbreviation for “tread wear mark” “TWI”. Under the premise of normal use, the tire wear reaches this raised area to indicate that it should be replaced.


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