Do I Need To Balance The Tires After A Tire Repair?

Some time ago, the left front wheel of the car was nailed, and I drove directly to the roadside repair shop to repair the tire with tyre patch. After repairing, the repairer did not balance the repaired tire. I strongly requested the boss to do it.  But I was overjoyed after the boss said the reason.


It turned out that the boss made a mark with chalk on the valve before picking up the tyre, and after the tyre was repaired, aligned with the previous mark and put the tyre back in. The boss also said that as long as there are not many times of repairs, follow this method operation does not need to do dynamic balancing. After all, the boss has rich experience and makes a lot of sense.

mark tire

The above tire repair method is also regarded as a small trick, and it is also summarized by the repair shop owner based on his own experience. After the tire is repaired, should the tire be dynamically balanced? Of course, the wheels and tires are inhomogeneous. The tires have been dynamically balanced before leaving the factory. After they are removed and reinstalled, the center of gravity has changed. If the dynamic balance is not performed, the tires will jitter extremely at high speed .

But why do some repair shops still fail to perform dynamic balancing without marking the tires? Generally, when we go to a repair shop to repair a tire, we will ask “how much is a replacement tire?” The boss says “20”. Once it sounds very cheap, let’s repair the tire here. After repairing the tire, you want to do dynamic balance. Then add 20. After all, the cost of opening a store is very high. Twenty Yuan is not enough for a tire. If you don’t talk about balancing, the boss will install the tires directly. If you want to do dynamic balancing, you have to Add money. If you quote 50 at the beginning, then you will go to another repair shop to repair the tire. My friend’s car before was not dynamically balanced, and it jittered slightly when running at high speed. When he went to the 4S centre for maintenance, the dynamic balance was re-balanced and the jitter disappeared.

Some friends think that if their vehicles are driving in the city for a long time, they cannot run at high speeds several times a year. Isn’t it necessary to do dynamic balancing? If the number of tire repairs is very small, the tires are marked before the tire repairs, and dynamic balancing is not necessary. The weight of a tire patch is not as heavy as a few stones in the tire groove. Just install the tires according to the marks made before. The dynamic balance can also be controlled within the error range, and it has no effect on driving safety.


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