When You Have A Puncture Tire , What Do You Do?

CAREWAY REPAIR KIT is not a burden by any means, as something as simple as a patch kit or lubricant can make all the difference in the world within unfortunate circumstances. You don’t need more than a basic repair kit to get yourself up and running in no time, as even the most basic of repair kits will generally include rubber patches, a tube of rubber cement glue, a scraper for removing debris, and a pump to inflate your tire after the patching work is done.

When you have a puncture tire ,what do I do?
①you have to check the tire for the exact area of the puncture. You can do this by inflating the tire and listening to hissing sound it makes. You can also submerge the tire in water to look for the bubbles that will indicate the exact place of the puncture, or getting your cheeks (any other sensitive part of your body) close to the recently inflated tire

②After identifying the exact place of the puncture, flip your bicycle upside down. Make sure that the tires are facing you before unbolting the wheel. If your bike has quick release levers, pulling them will release the wheel of the fork. With this out of the way, take the wheel to a lighted area for closer examination.

③With the wheel taken off the bike, you can now proceed with the actual patching process. First, you take a screwdriver and carefully place its tip between the rim and the tire. Gently pull one side of the tire until you completely remove it from the rim. Inside the tire, you will find the inner tube. After removing it, move your hand across the tire to determine where the punctured area is

④Using CAREWAY TIRE SEALANT OR CAREWAY TIRE COLD PATCH,cover the punctured areas of the tire both on the inside as well as the outside. This process will seal the holes in the tire. Using a scraper, scrape off any excess sealant from the surface of the tire before letting it to dry. Make sure that the patched area of the tire is leveled as bulges will often hurt the integrity of the tire. The sealant should not take more than 10-15 minutes to completely dry off, but you should probably wait around 20 minutes just to make sure.

⑤After the sealant gets completely dry, place the inner tube inside the tire again, or replace it with a new one. Using the screwdriver, fit the tire inside the rim, before placing the wheel back on the bike. You will now proceed with inflating your wheel using your air pump, but beware of any hissing noises. Should you hear any hissing noises coming from the wheel, repeat the process until you successfully patch all punctures.


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