Ways to Fix and Prevent a Flat Tire on Your ATV

Everyone knows that a flat tire can ruin the day. Most ATV lovers can tell you that it has happened to them or to a member of their party. Knowing how to repair a flat tire on your ATV can get you out of a bad situation and knowing how to prevent one is even better.

The main cause of a flat tire is foreign objects, an inexperienced driver and improper use or care of the tire. You’d better carry an all-purpose tire repair kit when going out. These are small and convenient as well as easy to use. They can be put in a storage unit of your ATV or in a backpack. You will need these tools to help you repair the flat tire.

First, locate the hole on your ATV’s tire. Then remove the foreign object if there is one. To see if the ATV’s tire leaks pump air to 10 psi in the tire then put some soapy water over the hole. Out in the woods spit will do. If bubbles are made then you have a leak and it needs to be repaired. Now, it’s your time to use the tire repair kit. Insert the rough reamer in the hole to clean it and heat up the rubber. After insert a new tire repair seal string in the insertion tool. Force the string in the puncture hole. It needs to be very tight if it goes in easily then it may too loose and you will have a leak later. To correct this situation add a second rope in the hole. Numerous ropes can be placed in a hole but the more you put in the greater the chance that you will have a slow leak. Sometimes this is acceptable. It can get you back home. Now cut off the excess rope but keep enough to have a knobby height.

Another way to repair a flat tire on an ATV that has a large sidewall tear would be to go down to your local tire shop and have them repaired by a cold repaird patch. Use one that is strong and flexible enough to repair large sidewall puncture.


Now that we know how to fix a flat tire on an ATV here are some tricks on how to prevent from getting one.

The first one is to use a liquid tire sealant that is placed inside the ATV’s tire through the valve before it’s filled with air. The liquid sealant will coat the under side of the tread as the wheel turns. The sealant will seal off any small puncture holes as they happen from the inside. This is only good for small holes.

The second trick we found is a new product: tire sealer and inflator. It’s a foam that is placed inside the ATV’s tire and when a flat occurs the foam keeps the tire in its original shape. The tire will not go flat and there is no need to stop.

Overall, the cold patch repaid is the most stable and strong way for flat tire, while the liquid sealant and aerosol tire inflator provide a convenient one.

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