Tire and Rim Protections

Once you get your new hot wheels you need to know how to care for them. For rim and tire protection, please read below points.

When installing your new wheels, you should use a torque wrench so your lugs are properly tightened per the required of the standard specifications. If not tightened enough, it may cause wobbling or vibrations of the wheel. You should also have your vehicle re-aligned after the installation. These are important in the protection of rim and tire.

Tire pressure is quite important, not only in rim and tire protection, but also for better gas mileage. Keep the standard air pressure will give better handling, better mileage and helps prevent punctures. The pressure should be checked monthly. Remember that check your pressure while tires are cold down. Fill the proper pressure if any of them is low pressure.

You should rotate the tires for 5000miles. Follow your auto manual for the proper rotation. Tire in different directions as in left side or right side, in front or back will wear differently. Rotate tires willgive more long life time and will improve on rim and tire protection.

Keep your wheels clean, cleaner and water is best, this will prevent rust and dirt build up and keep it shine.

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