Tips for tire care

It’s important to know basic tire safety tips and what preventative measures can be taken in the future to keep your tires as healthy and strong as possible.

Be Consistent With Tire Rotation

Tire rotations are not that hard to do by yourself if you have the right equipment and don’t cost too much if done by your local mechanic (some will even do it as a courtesy if taken in for an oil change, brake repair, etc.). But, it’s very important that you rotate tires every 5 – 8,0000 miles to help keep tire traction consistent on all corners. It’s never a good thing when one set of tires are balding faster than the other. When that happens, it’s most likely because you skipped a tire rotation cycle.

Always Check Pressure Levels

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make your tires perform their best. Go to your nearest auto parts store and buy a simple tire gauges. The basic ones are around $15-20, while the digital ones will cost you a little more. Both do the job diligently: they inform the exact tire PSI, and by reading the recommended levels inscribed on your tire, you’ll know exactly how much to fill up, if low.

Sealing Up Minuscule Holes

A lot of times, you might come across a tire that’s consistently lower than the other three. Many times this is because you may have absorbed a nail or other piercing object that’s wedged in tight. When this happens, run your car up to a service station and they should be able to inspect the tire until they find the tiny hole or nail that’s leaking air out. Once they’ve found it, they will apply a sealant, thus patching up the hole and saving you from having to completely buy a brand new tire.

Have Tools In Your Trunk

Storing car tools such as tire pumps, aerosol tire inflator, whether electric or manual, can save you a tow if you’ve got a flat. As long as the flat tire isn’t a complete tear, electric tire pumps can run off cigarette lighters or other A/V outlets in your car. While it may take a little longer to fill up this way as opposed to the high-pressured machines found at gas stations, tire pumps get the job done and let you back on the road, where you can stop by your mechanic to fix the troubled area.

In the end, these tips will aid nearly all tire problems, be it flats or gradual air depressions. Like I said at the beginning, flat tires can be a nuisance to deal with, but the dilemma can be dealt with much easier with a game plan such as this one.

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