How We Made Test for The Puncture Proof Sealant?

How We Made Test for The Puncture Proof Sealant?

Careway tire sealant has been approved by the market for years for its extra advantages.

  1. Seal the tubeless tire puncture as big as 10mm.
  2. Help to cooling of heated tires.
  3. Harmless to rims and tires, anti-rust, extend tire service life.
  4. Stop slow air leakage, make sure the tire pressure is constant.
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In order to give you ideals for the testing of our flat Puncture Proof, and get approve of the product quality, we have produced a video for your reference. Please tag here for the detailed video.

Here we would like to give an introduce that how we made testing for it, show you all in details step by step with pictures.聽 I’m sure you will feel amazing of it!

This testing was made by 3 differ motors: motorcycle, sedan car and light truck.

  • Materials Preparation

  1. A background advertisment board, which printed the Careway logo, product pictures. It’s fixed on the truck and fixed at the yard.
  2. Numerous of sharp nails, dia at 6mm and 10mm, fixed on a wooden and steel board.
  3. Three vichels:聽motorcycle, sedan car and light truck.
  4. Other items to mainternance tire: tire gauge, tire pump, tire wrench, etc. Of cause, the most important item: liquid tire sealant.

  • Instal fix a flat sealant for tires

  1. For motorcycle tires, 500ml per tire.
  2. For 16 inch seldan car tires, 1000ml per tire.
  3. For 16 inch light truck radial tubeless tire, 3(bottles)x1000ml per tire.
  4. Each bottle products with a small bag of rubber partical.

Instalation procedures

  • Deflat tire聽鈬
  • Open tires with wrench聽鈬
  • Shake well of the puncture liquid聽鈬
  • Inject related amount liquid content and the partical聽鈬
  • Inflate tire to a standard air pressure聽鈬
  • Drive for a minute to allow liquid cover evently in the tire聽鈬
  • Protection!

  • Real Testing on Nails

  1. Drive the vehicle with puncture solution on the board which is full of nails. Nails flatted tires, then seals in a second. You cann’t believe it, seems nothing happen to the tires even with numerous damage holes on it.
  2. Nails dia @ 6mm for motorcycle tires,聽@ 8 mm for seldan car tires,聽@ 10 mm for truck tires.
  3. Helps to cooling dowm the temperature , prolong 30% ustage time for tires.

tire testing

After rolling again and again on the nails, all the tires have more than 60 puncture holes. We kept driving an hour on city road, the tire pressure stayed same as the beginning. We have the confidence that it will be your best choice for both on-road and off-road driving.

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