Portable Tire Repair Kit

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The operation method is to pierce the damaged tire hole with the聽tire repair聽kit, and then fill the damaged tire with a rubber strip that cover by glue. After the glue has solidified, inflate the tire and apply soapy water around the rubber strip to check for air leakage. Finally, use a blade to cut off the rubber strip that exposes the outer part of the tire.

The biggest advantage of this tire repair method is that it is simple to operating and low in cost, and it can be repaired directly on the unloaded tire without having to use the tire wrench machine.


  1. 1 piece plugging kit
  2. 1 piece聽friction kt
  3. 聽5 pieces rubber seal string
  4. 聽100 sets per carton


  • Model 1

hot sell tire repair kit

  • Model 2

tire kit


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