What is Impact On The Car If The Balance Weight Falls?

The function of the balance weight is to keep the wheel in dynamic balance under high-speed rotation. If the balance weight is off: what will happen when the tire is in an unbalanced state during operation.

1. Increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

2. Tire wear is serious, affecting tire life and shortening.

3. The body feels abnormally shaking. The passengers in the car are uncomfortable.

4. Strengthen the wear and tear of automobile chassis and suspension system. The main inertia axis of the center of gravity of the wheel does not coincide with the axis of rotation during the driving process, so the wheel will produce unbalanced centrifugal force when rotating, especially the high-speed running wheel, even if there is a very small eccentric moment, it will cause great unbalanced force caused by the continuous vibration of the wheels, especially the vibration of the steering wheel, will cause the shaking of the steering wheel, which will accelerate the wear of the steering system components of the suspension, and accelerate the wear of the bearings in the wheels. A car with high vibration is also difficult to drive. The comfort is also poor, and driving is not safe. Unbalanced tire movement will cause irregular tire wear and unnecessary wear of the vehicle suspension system, and unbalanced tires driving on the road will also cause vehicle bumps, resulting in driving fatigue.

Due to the imbalance, it is not comfortable to ride. The vehicle suspension can excite the wheel speed when in an unbalanced force to a point where the rotation frequency is equal to the resonance frequency of the suspension. The uneven quality of the tire will affect the stability of the rotation of the object. The higher the speed, the greater the vibration. Therefore, the function of the tire balance weight is to minimize the quality gap of the wheels to achieve a relatively balanced state. Due to the complex road conditions, any situation on the road may have an impact on the tires and steel rims, such as bumping into a road platform, passing through potholes at high speed, etc., which may easily cause deformation of the steel rims. Therefore, it is necessary to perform tire dynamic balance while transposition. So I suggest you go to the store that did you dynamic balance and rebalance it for you.

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