What Happen to Tires If Air Pressure Is Too High Or too Low?

What happen to tires if air pressure is too high or too low?

As we know, the standard air pressure of tires should be 2.2Bar under non-full load, and 2.4Bar under full load.

The unit of air pressure used here is Bar, which refers to the kilogram or Newton force borne under the unit square centimeter. 1Bar refers to the force effect generated by 1kg force or 10 Newton force acting on 1 square inside (1KG=10N). Just follow the instructions for tire pressure inflation. In general, the 4S store or tire store check the air pressure after the master will generally supplement the air pressure to 2.4Bar, and in the summer, because the summer temperature is high, the gas will heat expansion and cold contraction, so the ideal tire pressure will generally be lower than the standard 0.1-0.2Bar, winter will generally be higher than 0.1-0.2Bar.

Tire pressure is too high:
1. Bumpy feeling increased: too much pressure tires will be hard, so the car driving feeling is not good, there is a bumpy feeling, while the vehicle damping, suspension system has a negative impact.
2. Accelerate tire wear: tires will be convex to the outside, so contact with the ground will be the center of the tire area, wear increased.
3. Body stability reduced: because the contact surface becomes smaller, tire grip is reduced, the vehicle driving Stability is reduced.

Tire pressure is too low:
1. Easy to bulge: low air pressure, tires are easy to flatten, the tire wall is the weakest place, easy to bulge over time.
2. High-speed driving easy to burst: tire wall repeated high-speed flexing, accelerated heating, damage to the rubber structure leads to burst tires.
3. Increased fuel consumption: low tire pressure will increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, increased friction, resulting in increased fuel consumption. 4. hit the direction there “heavy” feeling: the tire and the ground contact surface is large, steering to overcome the resistance increases, so the direction of control will increase certain difficulties.

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