Tires Can Not Be Repaired Under These 4 Sistuations

First of all, the tire must be removed from the rim and inspected by a tire professional before deciding whether it can be repaired, which is usually possible. However, tires cannot be repaired in the following cases.

1. The sidewall of the tire can not be repaired.

2. Tire penetration hole diameter of more than 6 mm can not be repaired.

3. If the bead is damaged or deformed, the tread is deformed, the rubber is corroded by chemicals or the tire is damaged by lack of air and crushing, etc.

4. Other abnormal conditions can not be repaired. For example, if you can see from the tire there is a lack of air driving traces (such as sidewall crushing marks, airtight circle blistering, etc.), it is not worth repairing, because the tire structure may have been destroyed and can no longer be used.

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