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Finding a leakage in your tires

There’s a simple way to check for leaking tires when you see that one might be losing air. Use a bottle of spray cleaner or make a mild soap solution and put it in a spray bottle. Either one will do the trick, just spray it on an inflated tire that’s still mounted to the vehicle and look for bubbles that indicate the source of a leak. Make sure to operate it in the following steps. 1.     on the surface of [...]

Tips for tire care

It’s important to know basic tire safety tips and what preventative measures can be taken in the future to keep your tires as healthy and strong as possible. Be Consistent With Tire Rotation Tire rotations are not that hard to do by yourself if you have the right equipment and don’t cost too much if done by your local mechanic (some will even do it as a courtesy if taken in for an oil change, brake repair, etc.). But, it’s very [...]

How does the liquid tire sealant works?

Our tire sealant can fix punctures up to 6mm for tubeless tire. It contains fibres, plastics and it remains in a liquid state. Although it’s a chemical formula, the real seal is a mechanical one. The chemical liquid provides the delivery medium for a series of sold particles that range in shape, size as well as chemical composition. When the tire sealant shoots out the hole or slowly air leakages out the holes, the liquid and particles stick to the [...]

Replacement Of Spare Tire

Nowadays, it’s more and more brand new cars are sold without equipment a full-size spare tire. That’s replaced by a repair kit or tire sealant(aerosol tire inflator). It’s not that the auto manufacturers are cheap to reduce the cost. To improve fuel economy, most car makers, are removing spare tires to reduce weight in the vehicle. Using a set of tire repair kit or even tire sealant system to save up around 100 pounds. The auto-makers are eke out every single [...]

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