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With So Many Car Tire Brands, How to Choose?

With So Many Car Tire Brands, How to Choose? 1. Michelin tires The first one I considered was the Michelin tire, which we called the “Fatty”. It originated in France and can be said to be the global tire leader and the inventor of radial tires. Michelin belongs to the category of comfortable tires. The raw material is soft rubber, which is second to none in terms of noise reduction. However, the tires are thin and wear-resistant. 2. Bridgestone tires Bridgestone tires come [...]

From Equipment to Driving Safety, The Most Detailed Self-Driving Guide in History

From Equipment to Driving Safety, The Most Detailed Self-Driving Guide in History Notice: This article has 30290 words, you can read the part that you are interesting most. § On-board equipment Before traveling by car, it is best to list the items you need to bring and write them on paper. You can put a “tick” on the details for each item you load to avoid omissions. 1. Car: For self-driving travel, the car is of course the most important, preferably SUV, (like [...]

Do I Need To Balance The Tires After A Tire Repair?

Some time ago, the left front wheel of the car was nailed, and I drove directly to the roadside repair shop to repair the tire with tyre patch. After repairing, the repairer did not balance the repaired tire. I strongly requested the boss to do it.  But I was overjoyed after the boss said the reason. It turned out that the boss made a mark with chalk on the valve before picking up the tyre, and after the tyre was [...]

Comparison for 5 Different Tire Repair Solutions(Rubber Seal String)

If you are an old driver, you will definitely find different tire repair shops with different repair methods. What is the difference between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 1. The Most Primitive Rubber Seal String Method Puncture the damaged tire with a special insert tool, and then fill the damaged tire with a rubber seal string. After the glue has solidified, inflate the tire and apply soapy water around the rubber strip to check for air leaks. At last, use [...]

5 Ways to Self-check Tire Leaks

5 Ways to Self-check Tire Leaks “Oh! I only inflated the tire a few days ago, and it has become flat again.” My colleague complained. After all, it’s not just a bicycle that runs out of air. It takes time and effort to inflate car tires. The tire is one of the important components to ensure the safety of the car. If there is a problem, the driver will not be safe in driving. Today, let’s talk to you about [...]

What’s your experience when getting a flat tire and no spare tire?

Most of the chain or franchised tire stores will tell you that plugging tires is not safe or a permanite repair. This is simply not true and just a way to dig a little deeper in you billfold. I have been plugging tires for years without any issue, as long as it is a punctured and not cut and in the tread not the sidewalk. I strongly recommend going online and purchasing a TIRE REPAIR SEAL KIT (pic below). [...]

When You Have A Puncture Tire , What Do You Do?

CAREWAY REPAIR KIT is not a burden by any means, as something as simple as a patch kit or lubricant can make all the difference in the world within unfortunate circumstances. You don’t need more than a basic repair kit to get yourself up and running in no time, as even the most basic of repair kits will generally include rubber patches, a tube of rubber cement glue, a scraper for removing debris, and a pump to inflate your tire [...]

The Right Way To Fix Tire With Plugger Repair Kit

If you are on the road or outside of normal business hours and your vehicle has a flat and the spare is missing or no good, you might feel stranded, but there is an option – Tire Repair Kits.   If you dont have tire sealant that time, the other solution is a tire Repair kit.Made from cork and a gooey adhesive that keeps it place and seals the tire, a tire tire plug repair is an excellent way to get [...]

Who Benefits From Tyre Sealant Products?

“Spare tire” often was bring up by the people who talking about Puncture tires. Actually there is the new way more efficient way to fix tyres.   Tyre Sealants – Why They Are The Future Of The Driving Experience It is called a tire sealer sealant and it works better than any old spare tire. How so? Well, the best part, for many folks, is that the tire sealer sealant doesn’t call for you to pull over your vehicle in a dangerous part [...]

You Can Do It Better—Some Tips of Repair Tire

Tire repair, nowadays, does not need to be done by the motorists themselves. There are a lot of tire repair shops in every locale you would be driving to.But there are times that you may pass through a remote area that does not have any repair establishments nor any residents to help during a flat tire occurrence. Well, simple tire problems like a nail hole in the tire tread can be repaired by the motorists themselves if they are in [...]

Stop Waste Your Big Dollars On Tire Puncture

“Use a tire sealant and stop Buying new tire after tire puncture with big dollars“ When you have a vehicle, you try to take care of it as much as possible. You change its oil, get a major tune-up, ensure it’s ready for every season, make sure to not get the paint scratched up, purchase new tires, etc. All of this costs you lots of money. However, here’s a problem you may come across after you get new tires: one or [...]

Use A Tire Sealant and Stop Buying New Tires After A Tire Puncture

Don’t Be Out Big Dollars: Use A Tire Sealant and Stop Buying New Tires After A Tire Puncture When you have a vehicle, you try to take care of it as much as possible. You change its oil, get a major tune-up, ensure it’s ready for winter, make sure to not get the paint scratched up, purchase new tires, etc. All of this costs you money… and sometimes… lots of money. You want everything to be fine and dandy with [...]

Is puncture proof tire sealant harm to tires?

Not at all. The puncture proof tire sealant has a strong tire repair ability, it can fill holes up to 6mm for all tubeless tires. Automatic tire repair liquid: automatic tire repair, easy to install, just a few seconds needed to sealing the punctures, long lasting effect by adding one time, even the vehicle is  driving, you no need to stop for puncture repair,  automatically fixed tires, completely changed the traditional way of manual tire repair. It has a strong tire [...]

How does the puncture proof work?

How does puncture proof work when your tire got a puncture? When your tire experiences a puncture, the sealer will move quickly to the hole to create a seal so that it does not lose any air while you drive. If it’s a big hole(bigger than 10mm dia), the liquid tire sealant will make sure that the air escapes slowly so that you can control the vehicle and move safely to the roadside so you can change the tire. The [...]

Tire valves and tire valve stem caps

Together, tire valves and tire valve stem caps play very important role in helping to maintain the pressure of your tires. They are intricately linked to one of the four components of your tire maintenance. There are primarily four important areas to your tire maintenance: Tire Pressure, Vehicle Alignment, Tire Rotation and Tire Tread. This article focuses on tire pressure and the importance of having good tire valves and tire valve stem cap. Tire Pressure Why and how does tire lose pressure? Tire basically [...]

What shall you do with a truck tire repair

What should you do with a truck tire repair? Drivers drive trucks to transport goods from one place to another. They can take miles and miles of driving just to bring the stuff to their destination. But what if something happens on the way and your tire gets busted in the middle of nowhere? This could create a dilemma and you certainly need a truck tire repair to get you back on the street. Driving on smooth roads make your [...]

Categories and Date of the 123rd Canton Fair

Phase 1: April 15-19, 2018 Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances Lighting Equipment Vehicles & Spare Parts Machinery Hardware & Tools Building Materials Chemical Products Energy Resources International Pavilion Phase 2: April 23-27, 2018 Consumer Goods Gifts Home Decorations Phase 3: May 1 – 5, 2018 Textiles & Garments Shoes Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products Food International Pavilion  

Introduction of Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the “Canton Fair”, is established in 1957. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre, it is held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and [...]

Tips for driving in cold weather

The hot tips for driving in a cold weather condition. 1) Check your coolant: Always read antifreeze labels closely to be sure you have the antifreeze-to-water mix correct. The antifreeze stops your radiator from cracking and freezing, and water will prevent overheating, even in winter temperatures. 2) Battery maintenance: You’ll need 3-4 more times the starting power in colder weather. Have a draw and load test performed by a mechanic. Should your battery fail that test, then a recharge may prolong [...]

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