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Why Not Eliminate Some Useless Accessories in The Car?

In any new car, there is a cigarette lighter, spare tire, and tools. But now all people advocate to quit smoking, so can the cigarette lighter be eliminated as an option? Now most of the vehicles are driving in the city, mobile tire repair can be found everywhere, why not cancel the spare tire and tools? Take a cigarette lighter as an example for a car. If you sell a car to a customer, you have to differentiate whether to install [...]

Why the Tire Color Is Black?

The earliest pneumatic tires were white Did you know? The world’s first rubber tire was white because tires are made of rubber, which is naturally white in color. However, this white rubber tire is not ideal in terms of strength or tear resistance, it is easy to age, and it is also more expensive. After using it for a long time, the rubber will turn yellow and brown and lose its decorative effect. Later, people in the manufacture of tires, in [...]

How Does Carewaw Tire Sealant Works?

Careway puncture proof works by removing the valve core from the valve on the tyre. The sealant is then injected into the tyre, forming a protected coating on the inner tread, when an object comes along like a nail and punctures the tyre, the internal air pressure force the sealant into the hole, giving it a permanent seal, giving you full protection and peace of mind at all times. The tyre sealant will seal a hole up to 6mm on [...]

What If Used Different Bands For Front And Rear Tires?

Theoretically, there are several effects if the tires are used different brands for front and rear. Because of the different brands, the advantages and disadvantages focus on different points, such as Goodyear, Pirelli, are basically on the wear-resistant, its rubber is harder for the general tire, sacrificing quiet effect in exchange for ultra-long mileage. And Michelin is silent, sacrificing wear resistance for great comfort and silence. If the front and rear are fitted with Michelin and Pirelli respectively, then [...]

Advantages of Tubeless Tires

Good safety: Inner tube tires in the vehicle, due to friction between the inner tube and outer tire, will generate a lot of heat, and heat dissipation is not sufficient, easy to cause a blowout. Tubeless tires has no friction between the inner and outer tires, heat can be dissipation directly through the rim, can greatly reduce the chances of blowout. In addition, tube tires leak quickly after being punctured, while tubeless tires leak slowly after being punctured due to [...]

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