Death toll from Maersk Honam fire rises to five, shipping line says

DANISH shipping giant Maersk Line say four seafarers are now confirmed to have died in the fire onboard the Maersk Honam as the remains of three of four crew missing are found onboard the vessel. The shipping line said that the three bodies found on the vessel were as yet to be identified. Given the severe fire damage to the 15,252 TEU containership Maersk said: “We must conclude by now that we have lost all four colleagues who have been [...]

How to keep the proper tire pressure?

The tire valves and tire valve stem caps play very important role in helping to maintain the pressure of your tires. They are intricately linked to one of the four components of your tire maintenance. There are primarily four important areas to your tire maintenance: Tire Pressure, Vehicle Alignment, Tire Rotation and Tire Tread. This article focuses on tire pressure and the importance of having good tire valves and tire valve stem cap. Tire Pressure Why and how does tire lose pressure? Tire basically [...]

Making Dumplings for Chinese New Year

It is a regular occurrence to see steamed dumplings for Chinese New Year festivities, not only because they are a delicious treat, but they have a certain symbolism about them as well. Steamed dumplings are made in the shape of a Chinese “tael” which was a gold or silver bar. So these tasty morsels represent wealth to many people. As well, they are simple to make. First you will need ingredients: You’ll want to buy: 8 oz. shelled shrimps, 2 scallions, [...]

Auto care in winter

The winter season can cause a lot of damage to your car. During the cold winter months, the car’s plastic, glass, tires and paint work are at the mercy of the elements. Let’s take a look at a few things to keep your car protected for the winter: Seal the paint work A paint sealant like a synthetic wax is a practical option to apply to your car if it is likely to be left exposed to the extreme winter conditions. [...]

Notice for the holiday

Dear customers, The most important holiday in China: Chinese New Year is approaching, to cerebrate the traditional holiday, we will be off from Feb 1st to Feb 25th, 2018. You may contact with us during this vacation, we will do the best to get back to you asap.      

Needful tire chains on tires in winter

We can never deny that it is recommended for drivers that they should drive cautiously especially in winters. Snow and ice can spell problems, especially for those drivers who do not have experience driving in such conditions. One of the most essential features of winter car preparation is tire care. The most important feature of tire care in winter is a tire or snow chain. These products are purposely designed to wrap around the tread of the tires on [...]

Doors and windows decorations in Chinese new year

The Chinese (Lunar) New Year will fall on February 15 in the year 2018. It will be the year of the Dog as well. How do the Chinese prepare for this huge holiday, their biggest, most important holiday of the year? Cleaning, cooking, shopping, and decorating the house are their main preparations. The two main things people will use to decorate their house (after they have thoroughly cleaned it, of course) is to hang up Chun Lian outside of their [...]

Learn more about the Chinese New Year

The Chinese people have always been noted for their unique traditions, and grand festivals. Chinese New Year is the most important of all the holiday traditions in China. Millions of Chinese families around the country celebrate it every year. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is no doubt the biggest holiday of the year for Chinese people. The date varies every year with the celebration lasting 2 weeks. For centuries, Chinese New Year has been surrounded by [...]

Quick fix for a puncture tire

The kit I bring with me is from Genuine Innovations, the set includes tire repair sticky plugs, with installation tools for tubeless tires, patches, and adhesive for inner tubes, a couple of 45 gm CO2 cartridges, an air chuck, together with a bag. The pack is sufficiently small to fit within your coat and yes it really finishes the task quickly and relatively easy. The kit comes with the essentials for both tubeless and tube wheels. The screw appeared to [...]

Something you should know about the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, called also spring festival, is the most significant of all the Chinese holidays. Chinese people from all over the world unite together in their tradition as they spend 15-day celebration with their New Years. There are lots of feasts, decorations, and interesting symbolism that relates to the history of the holiday and their desire for good luck. Here are some facts about the Chinese New Year we should know about. The Chinese New Year can change date [...]

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