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  • China supppier wholeseller manufacturer of fix a flat tire puncture repair liquid

    Fix a flat sealant for tubeless tires, save tires from puncture, the liquid sealant will repair holes automaticly, be fixed in a few seconds. You even no aware of the tire was flatted during your driving. Safe for human and evironment.

  • Puncture Proof Liquid Tyre Sealant Flat Prevention Factory From China

    Quickly repair tire holes within 6mm, long time protetion, no need to repair tire againt during the application. Water based produt, easy to clean up with water, harmless to tires and hurman body. Save troubles from your daily driving.

  • CO2 Cartridge

    CO2 Cartridge is designed for bicycle inflating, 16 gram a small piece for one tire used, it’s easy and simple to operation, don’t forget to keep a pair for your bicycle for prevention. Different sizes are available for your choice.

  • Rubber Tube Patch

    The Cold Rubber Patch  For Inner Tube is made of semi-vulcanized layer and vulcanized reinforced layer. After applying the tube solution, the semi-vulcanized layer can be completely vulcanized without heating so as to make a perfect sticking. When applying the patch, please file the injury completely and keep it clean.

  • 450ml Tire Sealer and Inflator

    Tire Foam Repair Spray For Emergency Use(Tire Sealer & Inflator) is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tyres of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles. No jack nor tyre-undo is needed. One step procedure of tyre bumping and repairing is finished in seconds. It can also be filled into new tyres to prevent unexpected leakage.Non-toxic and odorless. No corrosion and no damage to the tire.  Save time and money for you.

  • Tire Repair Kit

    The tire repair tool is designed to repair the tubeless tires of motorcycles, cars and trucks. They are easy to use and simple for storage.

  • 100mm Tubeless Tire Repair Rubber Seal

    Tubeless Tire Seal String is specially used for tubeless tire, plug a piece of this tire sealer string into the puncture hole with a special kit, tire can be repaired by its vulcanization function.

  • 200mm Tubeless Tire Seal String

    Tubeless Tire Seal String is specially used for tubeless tire, plug a piece of this tire sealer string into the puncture hole with a special kit, tire can be repaired by its vulcanization function.

  • 360ml Tire Puncture Repair Sealant

    Careway tire sealant prevents and repairs flat tires caused by puncturing objects up to 5mm in diameter. It works repeatedly to repair new and existing punctures and is guaranteed to perform for up to 12 months. Careway tire sealant seals multiple punctures repeatedly, and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and also water soluble. This sealants are designed to treat tread area punctures only and should not be used to repair sidewall punctures.

  • 500ml Tire Leakage Proof Sealant

    1. First choice of drivers and riders for tubeless conversion and flat prevention.
    2. Seals punctures up to 6mm quickly.
    3. Stays liquid 10-12 months for long-lasting performance.
    4. Natural materials, safe for the environment.

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